I Wanted

     Photography By: Antonio Pena

     I wanted to write to you today about feeling frustrated. But then I got frustrated about having to write it down.

     But squeezing past that frustration, I'm going to write anyhow. Sometimes, just showing up is 80% of the battle--not just half.

     What do you do, when you know someone is stepping into something not quite right? Yes, you can do the usual: Warn them, jump in front them, or simply hold onto their feet.

     But what if they insist on moving forward.

     I guess they'll do just that. They'll end up doing what they want to do. And perhaps my perspective is incredibly biased. No. In fact it is. Emotions are a fickle drug. They'll make you feel less than human one minute, and then define the bliss of human experience the next minute.

     Sometimes we don't always get what we want.

     Are we okay with that?

Wisdom's Knocking:

If you feel agitated and frustrated with life, it's best to talk it out with someone other than yourself, to simply add perspective.