Leap On It

     Photo Credit: Jordan Wetherbee

     My mother just opened the door to my room and said, "Leap on him!". True story.

     Um. Does your mother rush into your room and make such lofty declarations? I know you must be thinking. Um, Patrice, what is your mother still barging into your room for? Is she, like, your roommate? Read, 99 Problems to find out the answer to that question.

     Back to Ma Dukes.

     So of course I look at her and giggle. These types of phrases are pretty normal in my household. Think what you will.

     She then tries to further sell me on her case.

     "It's Leap Year," she says.

     I'm thinking. Uh-oh. Like the movie? (And yes, I loved that cheesy movie. What.) And then Ma Dukes confirms.

     "The girl can leap on the guy. Yeah. I know--It's the one time the ladies can do it."  Yes. I love my mother.

     And then my mother gives me a beguiling smile. "Soo...you can ask him out on that day..."

     It's this unspoken thing. I haven't even told my mother of this current man crush I have. You all know more about it than she does. But oddly enough, in her gut she is already sniffing out clues. No. Scratch that. It's like this woman is already inside my head and she somehow knows something is up...

     But I still play it all off.

     "No--NO." I say with fake laughter. I can't cave in now.

     "Okkkkk," she says, dragging out the sound of the "K" way to long. She slowly closes the door while she is still eyeing me down and smiling.

     The door closes and I think, "What the heck was that?"

     Nevertheless, I remember the dream that I had last night. A wonderful and gentle man, holds me with sweet brotherly affection and whispers in my ear, "Don't worry, it's going to happen for you..."

Wisdom's Knocking:

Some doors are closed, others are opened. At certain times its difficult to tell which is which.