Social Media Fuzzy Handcuffs

     Photo Credit: Daniella Hovsepian

     I notice that I only become addicted to social media when there are people that I feel an urgent need to connect with. Which is a fancy way of me saying, when I have a crush on someone and I want to find out about every waking moment of their life and how they interact with friends (ie: Lady friends) online.

     That is why, I've not allowed myself to be handcuffed to social media when it comes to my current crush. I want to not stress about every "Like" or comment this person makes. I'd rather make real judgement calls in person. I want to give both of us a fair chance.

     I had a weird dream recently, where I was walking towards a particular room in a house to peer into the bedroom of a particular guy (Of whom I'm still not quite sure of the identity--It didn't seem like my current man crush, but could have been...) to either watch him sleep (Yes, creepy) or to simply see how he lives in private. I was so excited when I tip-toed to the door, like I was about to see a beautiful surprise. Well a surprise is definitely what I got.

     I came to the closed door of his room and gently cracked it open. And to my astonishment, the back of the guy was facing me as he lay in bed, seemingly naked, romantically wrapped in bed sheets. But wrapped in this guy's embrace was a beautiful brunette girl (Wearing glasses?), facing me, who saw me right away. I fumbled around out of embarrassment and

     She was extremely sweet and kind and didn't seem too bothered by my interruption. The guy never even turned around to see me.

     I quickly tell the brunette a lie in the dream and say that I had somehow gotten lost in the house and thought this room was a different room. And if that wasn't embarrassing enough. I get down on my hands and knees and then gently close the doors to allow privacy again for the busy twosome.

     And that is why I don't want to push down doors fueled by impatience in order to obtain definitive information. In such cases, one can get a whole lot more than they bargained for.  And many times, not the whole picture...

Wisdom's Knocking:

As much as we desire intimacy, be sure to be steady in its pursuit as well as prudent in action. Too much too soon can cause an untimely explosion.