Photo Credit: Jennifer Glasgow

     My voice was a bit more shaky than usual. Why? Maybe it was just the adrenaline.

     But I could feel fire rising up in me. I still have a little thug left in me. And I realized that today when I had to voice a complaint to customer service over the phone.

     I can take it (And by "Take it", I mean "Go and cry afterwards") when someone is rude to me. But if you are rude to my family or friends, I might just cut you. So was the case today with customer service. Someone from the "Company" was talking to my father like he was a stone cold criminal and as if he hadn't spent his life taking care of me, loving me, honoring me,  providing for me, and encouraging me. My father gently hangs up with the "Company".

     And I called the "Company" right back.

     Today was a reminder that I still need the peace of Jesus to invade my life in a real way.

     Just when you think, "I got this. Truly anger and all thugness has been purged from my life." Then comes the call from Customer Service.

Wisdom's Knocking:

There's a lot more fight left in us than we think.