Oh, Hey Girl, Hey

     Photo Credit: Lindsay Coleman

     Earlier this week, I was surprised. It was the littlest thing, really. But it made my heart pitter-patter all on it's own. I have no updates for you regarding my current "Admiration" ("Crush" seems to crude of a word at this point--Gah! What's wrong with me?)

     But what I will tell you about this kind individual is that I truly do respect him. Lover or not. He's the business.

     Um, if my cousin Brandi is reading this, I just wanted to say, "Hey Girl, Hey".

     And for the rest of you, that was actually meant to be a clue as to who my current "Admiration" is. You honestly have to be Sherlock Holmes to have ANY idea why I just gave you that clue. But go ahead and guess, if you please...

     Honestly, though. I'm quite ready for this "Admiration" to run its course and be over. I'm sometimes rubbish at waiting on the guy to see what will happen next...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Weigh the cost.