Viola Davis vs. Meryl Streep

     The "vs." might have been a bit unfair to do. Because both of these women are my favorites. But I must admit, my heart sank a bit when I heard Meryl's name called a couple weeks back at the Oscars.

     Now I have been and forever will be a Meryl Streep fan. Don't make me bust out "Silkwood"on you right now. There is an elegance, sureness, and gravitas that Meryl carries like no one else.

     But Viola was shining in 2011. The way that lightening and fire do in a midnight sky.

     After I saw her performance in "The Help", I had to catch my breath. To me, an Oscar nomination was as simple as protocol, and her Oscar win would simply follow suit.

     But then the sting came.

     I was confused. I've pretty much called it every year, regarding Best Actor, Actress, and Picture. But I missed it. Or did I, Academy?

     Because later that night, a tipsy Meryl Streep, interviewed by our awkward Southern Cali entertainment news anchorman, without hesitation answered his question: "What did the hug mean that you gave, Viola, on your way to accept your Oscar?"

     Meryl: (Smiles)

     "...Oh, she knows...She knows."

     And perhaps there's justice after all.

Wisdom's Knocking:

What you gain in passion and pursuit outweigh the outcome of the competition.