Photo Credit: Jennifer Glasgow

     I've told you before about my own despondency regarding 2012. One camp claiming it's about to be the end of the world as we know it, and another camp claiming apathy---

     But then...there's another camp.

     The camp that is firmly believing there is something special about this year, something divinely being set in place; not just affecting the macro, but the micro.

     And now, as I prepare for the half-year recap, I notice that there has been an accelerated progress of sorts over my life in these last 5 months. You know. You've been kindly holding my hand this year as I journeyed through the ups and downs of defeat, disappointment, humility, surrender, and freedom.

     And like a rushing wind, dreams--like heart dreams long lost, tucked away in some treasure chest discovered deep, deep, deep in a soft blue sea, have resurfaced miraculously. I've stopped trying to control everything, and I've stopped trying to over compensate in trying to please everyone. Those swifty motives revealed itself in my own undealt with jealousy, contempt, and fear.  

     But now the treasure chest has arrived. Above the surface. 

     God has been getting me ready. Has been getting you ready. Has been getting us ready.

Wisdom's Knocking:

You haven't been forgotten about. The desert road is not a punishment, but a gift...Sometimes the shortest distance is not the best way to get you to your destination...