Ominous Part 2

I thought we were done with this.

I thought I would escape with just merely a loss of my pride or some other area that longs for pruning in my life. A death that would lead to an increase of life in me.

But no.

I kinda freaked myself out a little bit. Read Ominous. And then come back to this.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was finishing wrapping out on a show I had completed. Everything had gone amazingly well on so many levels. And just as I began to settle into the satisfaction of a job well done, I heard the most disheartening news just as I was about to leave.

Back on the stage, that very morning (Wednesday), where the rest of the working crew guys were wrapping up, one of the beloved Local 33 riggers working on my show, fell 60 feet to his death.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Listen to the small promptings of your heart.