Black Girls. Back in Season.

Photo Credit: Tiffany Johnson

      I feel like my skin color is back in vogue right now. Maybe because it's summer and everyone is trying to get as close to brown as they can without looking like they belong on the Jersey Shore. But I've been delighted to see many of my non-Black guy friends entertain the thought of being with a woman of color.

      Let me paint a little context for you. I'm mostly around two spheres of influence: 1) A Charismatic church culture, which is filled with a beautiful mix of 'ethnic' people...well...a beautiful mix of
ethnic people sprinkled in within the majority of White folks.  And 2) The Entertainment Industry which in many ways looks a lot like sphere of influence #1 in terms of demographic. With both of these spheres of influences, the ideal girl that most of these lovely guys are looking for is a pretty traditional long-blond hair, size 2 girl, with an ample chest and perhaps a bit of depth. Which at times has been a little frustrating, but mostly perplexing.

     I've always been a bit of an adventurer, an explorer. I'm not necessarily interested in doing the 'sure safe thing' or the thing in which everyone else is doing. And at this point of my life, I'm okay with taking risks that I might fail at.

     Now, not all of these guys that I'm around subscribe to the typical standard of beauty. I've made myself intentionally friends with guys and girls that see the beauty in the unconventional and the seemingly poetic. And those that get as much joy as I do seeing beautiful interracial marriages. But the lady friends I have, far outweigh the man friends in this department of sentiment.

     If you've visited me on Pinterest at all, you've most likely already discovered my "The Land of Milk and Honey" board. Take a wild guess as to what kind of couples you'll see on that inspiration board.

     So yes, something is shifting and it seems to be in my favor. I've never felt more beautiful and actually told that I was so, as much as I have this year. (( Don't stop. Get it. Get it.)) And to top it off, these compliments have come from the most surprising guys in both sphere #1 and #2.

     I wrestle still with the Almost. It's almost your time, Patrice.  That man was almost the one. Almost falling in love. Almost picking a new name for this blog (You thought I forgot, didn't you...) Almost breaking out of my nun-like existence, etc. etc.

     But now my attention is not as focused on those almost events, but on the One who sees me through every single one of those almosts. And I get peace.

    Today I feel like I have just as many questions as I did yesterday, if not more...

     But nevertheless,  it feels good to be in season.

Wisdom's Knocking:

After Winter must come Spring.