Go, Ricki!

I've been keeping it pretty heavy lately, pouring my heart out to you this past week. But my own melodrama is getting a bit exhausting. Even for me.

I thought I'd reiterate some news you've probably heard already.

Just when I felt that I was missing 1995 in a big way, here she comes.

"Rick-eee! Rick-eee! Rick-eee!"

I don't know if taping the show in Culver City, Cali, will give the show its same gritty live vibe that New York City did, but perhaps our dear Ricki is taking us on a new road, a new direction.

It's funny to me that there is a new generation of young folks that...

#1: Have no idea who Ricki Lake is. And her show's television run from 1993-2004.

And #2: Have never seen "The Princess Bride."

But I digress.

So yes. "The Ricki Lake Show" is back this Fall. And somehow I feel like I'm young all over again. Like a re-do button has been pushed.

And I get to start something over.

Oh, how grateful I am for new beginnings.

Wisdom's Knocking:

God's mercies are new every morning.