My Friend

     My friend, Kevin Tarbill, writes this insane little blog about "Putting Feet to Faith". And can I just tell you, it's been rocking my face off for the past couple of months!

     I'm no dummy. I signed up for his new blog posts to automatically get sent to my email address.

     And it's like Kevin is "reading my mail" or in other words, peering into my soul and writing about the very issues that I'm facing in my life right now.

     We'll talk more about Kevin later, how we met, and how you definitely, definitely want him on your team in case of a zombie break out.

     But I just couldn't keep his blog buttery goodness to myself.

     I felt as though some of you may glean some wisdom, peace, and insight by taking a stroll over to his blog.

     And it doesn't matter if you feel like a spiritual heavy weight or you're simply searching. I guarantee you'll find the beginning nuggets of what you need and have been looking for.

     I know. That's a weighty claim. But I dare you to test this claim.

     Today, Kevin blogged about, "Just Believe".

    And of course it was fitting for me for a variety of reasons.

     Yes, recently I've encountered some unfortunate hiccups, I've made some unfortunate mistakes, but today I'm back on the saddle. I'm coming back to my "Field of Dreams".

     The impossible and fantastical are very much possible. And miraculously within reach.

Wisdom's Knocking:

"It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela

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