Acid Rain


     This morning, I had a super bizarre dream.

     It all took place at my house and in my neighborhood.

     I remember at the beginning of the dream, I was in the garage with my dad. And all of a sudden, the garage door closed by itself.

     I knew instinctively in the dream,  that it was some sort of ominous sign.

     Immediately, I began praying. The garage door opened back up again. My prayer was more or less a prayer of protection and for a deep preparation to take place in the hearts of the people in my community.

     After the prayer, I felt it was time for my dad and I to go inside the house and meet with my mom.

     We closed the garage door on our own this time and went inside.

     Moments after we were inside, it began to sprinkle outside. Nothing seemed abnormal about the rain at all.

     But all of a sudden, kids, ranging in age from 7 to about 12 years of age, began running in the streets.

     At first I thought they were simply playing in the rain, you know, like kids do.

     But no, these kids, were making sure that every house knew what was really going on outside.

     "The rain is burning!....The rain is burning!..."

     Just as fast as these kids appeared in the streets, they were gone.

     I quickly opened my front door and stepped outside.

     The rain began to hit my bare arms.

     And then, the stinging began. The rain was like fire on my skin, only after a few seconds. I quickly ran back in the house.

     I told my parents what was going on. They seemed dazed and foggy.

     But I went into a high alert mode. I wanted to make sure this acidic water didn't make it's way into our home.

     But it was too late. The rain was beginning to burn small holes in our roof. The holes seemed to form where our roof wasn't as sturdy or as well built. It became a revelation to me, to know that our roof wasn't made with the same integrity as a whole. That in the making of the house, there had been areas of the roof given less attention and care. Somehow, in the dream, my dad had already known about this (Years before the acidic rain), but had never said anything previously. In the dream, present day, with the acid rain pouring, he was ashamed.

     And then the acidic rain made it's way through the roof, into my own room and began dripping onto the carpet. I screamed for my dad. He ran back to my room, but was clueless on how to resolve this dangerous threat. This was mind boggling to me. My dad always knows how to fix anything and everything. I couldn't understand why in the dream, he had no means or ideas on how to fix this major problem.

     So I quickly grabbed a towel from our linens closet and threw it on the ground to absorb the acidic water dripping from the ceiling.

     Dad goes back to the living room to be with mom. But they seem to be in slow motion, or 2 steps behind me, in my concerns and actions.

     I look outside, the water was rising. The acidic rain was at least 3 feet high outside our house. And all I could think of was, how would we make it out alive? And if we did make it out alive, the soil, the concrete, everything around us would be toxic. What kind of life would that be??

     But I quickly shut down that train of thought and concentrated on staying alive in the moment.

     The dream got really weird, when the acidic water that had dripped in my room, now a weird puddle on the carpet, began to talk.

     Um. Yes.

     It was an eery female voice of some sort. And "she" was talking to another puddle near her. There was chilling delight in her voice. She was alluding to some sort of advantageous takeover. That this takeover was finally going to begin.

     Greeeeeat. And apparently this takeover is beginning in my room. That's unfortunate.

     Fear began to rise in my heart as I overheard this weird conversation. And just before I choked on fear completely.

     I remember seeing black.

     And then I woke up.


Wisdom's Knocking:

"From the ends of the earth I call to You, I call as my heart grows faint;
 lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."
- Psalm 61:2