To Anonymous:

Photo Credit: Evan Kaufmann

     Last month, I received one of thee most encouraging and loving comments on my blog ever. It was left anonymously under my blog post: "I Only Feel Ugly Around You."

     Here's what Anonymous wrote:

I stumbled upon your blog recently- it was one of those days where I killed time following the little link road and exploring the interwebs. I just have it on my heart to tell you a few things: a) you are an incredible writer. b) from the outside, I can tell you that your honesty is seriously refreshing. c) your faith is soo encouraging. I am working against sounding creepy here, which may be inevitable on some level but I really wanted to tell you that what you write is valuable and far reaching. Some of the things you have written have hit me quite hard and I really feel the wisdom that God has shared with you. So, thank you! Be encouraged in what you do, who you are and where you are at in life right now. It is beautiful.

     I'm a words girl. And a sure-fire way to get into my heart is through the art of hugs, kindness, and words. It's that simple really.

     I was thinking about this comment a lot this morning. I was trying to be a bit of a Sherlock Holmes. But let's be real, you know I was wondering if it was a man or a woman who left this comment. To Anonymous: If you are a woman, please ignore the rest of this blog post. I'm not one to swing that way, and I don't want to be a tease. But if you're a man, I simply want to say God bless your ministry and I'm definitely intrigued. Mostly, I'm interested in what it is that you write about in life.

     From the way in which Anonymous so crafted their comment, I'm gathering that they are a fellow writer. I mean, do you see that sentence structure! Good Lord. I may simply marry this person for their beautiful use of grammar.

     Shocking News Alert:

     Yes, I went to film school. No, I've never seen "Sleepless in Seattle" or "You've Got Mail" but from the trailers and previews I've seen, I've gathered all I need to know to create my own scenario with my own Anonymous in my mind.

     Of course I'm wondering if I've seen you in real life? Are we complete strangers to one another? Do we have mutual friends? Do we know each other? Were we at the same coffee shop a few weeks back? Are you somewhere living in New York on your way to Paris? I may never know.

     But what that comment from Anonymous did for me at the end of the day...Well, it simply made me feel beautiful and loved. Contrary to what I had been experiencing during the writing of that particular post.

     That comment also caused me to dream and to grasp once again, ever so tenderly, that what God is doing in me, in my life and around me, is absolutely beautiful.

    So to Anonymous: Thank you. Thank you so very much.


Wisdom's Knocking:

Random acts of kindness go a long, long way, 
and often open unexpected doors of blessing.