The Artist Next Door: Keeley "Lockn'Key" Kaukimoce - Part 2

Keeley "Lockn'Key" Kaukimoce & Osea

     "For some time now, I've wanted to share these people with you in great detail and splendor. I wanted to honor their struggle, their process, their manifested dreams coming true, and those dreams that they are still contending for. I wanted you to understand how I've been shaped as a person, because of their presence in my life.

     The people that I will feature each month in this on-going series, titled, "The Artist Next Door", will highlight these extraordinary people, and will give you a sneak peak into their world, the behind the scenes of people you may have heard of, or may not have. Often I'll split my interviews with these artists into 2 parts, just for the simple fact that I like to build anticipation.

With that said, I can guarantee--you can do anything but forget these stories or these artists after meeting them. And I'm pretty positive they'll stir something in you. Something perhaps you didn't know was still there."

(If you've missed Part 1 of Keeley's story, you can click here.)


Now tell us a little bit about the community of dancers that you've connected with over the years and how have you maintained friendships. 

I've connected mainly with the street dancers. Basically all styles, Bgirls, Bboys, Freestylers, Lockers, Poppers, etc. I think we just understand each other in a way that studio dancers don't. Some of my close friends are also studio dancers but they are usually the ones that rep in the hip hop community to some extent. I have really maintained friendships with people who are truly good people. The Groovaloos and Beat Freaks are really my main dancing friends. We've been through some rough times and made it through. Forgiveness is key.

We talked about the dreams you had when you were 20, but let's talk about the new dreams you have now, what are they? 

You know.... I'm discovering that I've hustled in this city for so many years that my dreams are really just becoming to enjoy my family and to provide my kids with the things I couldn't have as a kid. I want to focus on them more and the bustle of this city challenges me in that area. I would still love to overcome my fears with singing. I'm working on that one still. My husband is a great supporter of me when it comes to that. I would love to see success as a singer but I'm not as eager to tour because I also long for stability and peace. I think it's a fine balance. But belting out a heart felt note and lyric can change peoples lives and mine, and I'm all about it. 

Who is your favorite dancer and why?

My favorite dancer is honestly Michael Jackson. Just so much finesse and magic in his movement. It's amazing really!! But as far as people around me the ones that get me the most hype are the ones that ignore the world around them and get into the "zone" with the music and in the spirit and let loose. When those two things are combined it's so inspiring and raw. 

Who is your favorite singer and why? 

Again, Michael Jackson. Do I really need to explain why?? But I really love Stevie Wonder, Shirley Murdock, CoCo from SWV, Jon Gibson and the most current artists I love are Bruno Mars and Daniel Merriweather.

I often end my blog post with some sort of wisdom nugget, also known as "Wisdom's Knocking". I'd like you to leave us with a personal wisdom nugget of something you've learned either recently or in the past that has left a serious imprint on your life: 

The greatest nugget I learned was when I was asked this question "Who would you be if you could NOT sing, dance or write music?" I thought long and hard and the answer that came to me was " I am a child of Christ" Once you know where your true identity lies and learn that what you do is not who you are, you will make all of your decisions based upon your true identity. Then your life, heart, soul, spirit and mind will thrive where it really matters.

And there you have it. That's an Artist Next Door. I have such love and respect for Keeley. And now, this week she and her family will be embarking on their amazing missions trip to her husband's homeland, Fiji. Prayers and blessings go out to her and the fam as they bring positive cultural transformation through dance and the arts in this upcoming month!

If you know of an Artist Next Door, that you want to highlight, holla at me. I would love to meet those folks that are currently inspiring you in your everyday life.