25 Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1.  My first concert experience happened around age 10. It was in Upstate New York. My aunt and I went to go see Chaka Khan. No big deal.

2. I went to the same school from kindergarten until my senior year of high school.

3. The reason I fell into television has to do with the Backstreet Boys.

4. I once did a short film. Click Here.

5. I used to have horrendous bloody noses as a child.

6. I started wearing glasses at age 8, because I thought glasses looked cool. Note: I had perfect vision, but jacked it up for the sake of fashion. Years later, I am now on the verge of being legally blind.

7. I hate/strongly dislike horror films.

8. I've been in a bomb shelter in Israel.

9. I was house sitting once, in one of those cute older homes and got locked inside the bathroom on the second floor. Firemen had to come and rescue me.

10. Spring 2002, (The Spring after "September 11th") I, and some of my Pepperdine classmates spent our spring break serving at Ground Zero. #lifechanging

11. I have been the maid of honor in 3 weddings.

12. I can sleep for 14 hours straight if given the opportunity. And no, I am not 18.

13. The most memorable pick-up line said to me. "Dang girl, you look smart."

14. I spent all of my summers in Upstate New York until the age of 16.

15. One of my very best friends, who is Japanese, drew my first tattoo.

16. I adore all living creatures, but I wouldn't really consider myself a pet person or a crazy animal person. Although animals do love me, I'm not gonna lie. And I'm always asked to pet sit. And I oblige.

17. I've never seen the movie Top Gun.

18. The first tapes, yes tapes, that I bought with my own allowance money was "Tiffany" and "Salt n' Pepa". That says a lot about me, if you know anything about those genres...

19. I never had a school prom.

20. I absolutely love to dance. So bring it.

21. One day, I'd love to own a retreat center/ranch.

22. One of my all time favorite countries to visit is Denmark.

23. My high school graduating class had less than 40 kids.

24. I had a significant and crazy angel dream at age 11.

25. My mom is my hero.