S.W.A.G. Champion

Photo Credit: Evan Kaufmann


     I will not apologize for using the word "Swag" repeatedly in this post. In fact, I'd like to redeem the negative connotation that haters have brought to this word. I know you want to give 2010 it's word back. But too bad. I'm bringing it proudly into 2013 and BEYOND.

     Mind you, I know the word has been overused by tween girls and college students alike. And who could forget those lovely deodorant commercials that proudly displayed their "Swagger".

     But I'm here to tell you, SWAG is back. Well, in fact, it never left.

     And I was so kindly reminded on September 1, 2013.

     Quick: What do you think of when you hear the name Paul Newman?

     You don't know who that is?

     I can't even talk to you right now.


     Let's try another name.

     Henry Cavill.

     Okay. That's what I thought.

     That, my friends, is swag in action.

     It's that intangible presence that covers a man. It's cousins to the "It-factor" but often much more subtle. (Note: One can have swag AND the "It-factor").

     Whereas good looks and kindness can get you into a door, Character and Integrity keep you in the building...

     Same goes for  the relationship between the "It-factor" and swag.

     Real swag has a depth of character and integrity attached to it, that often the "It-factor" has not yet grown in.

     Let me repeat that.

     Real swag has a depth of character and integrity attached to it. 

     It's definitely a stand alone trait.

     The "It-factor" can get people's attention, but if you're a man, and you have swag, you'll not only get people's attention, but you'll practically be reigning like a king if you know how to use your gift correctly.

     Now as you can see, I'm using the word swag as a strictly masculine adjective. Well, that's just the way it's gonna be. And that's just the way I like it. Okay? Okay.

Photo Credit: Evan Kaufmann

     Someone once told me, "You don't need a man, Patrice--You need a Champion.

     And I was like. "Dang, girrrrrl. Okay. Hmm."

     Because you see, I had to sit and really think about what that truly meant.

     All my life (even up until just last Friday), friends and family would never want to set me up with someone, because they felt like the standard of who they envisioned me with was so incredibly high.

     Now of course, this is an incredible compliment and I'm a bit humbled by it, but at the same time, you could see how one could get discouraged...say after....15 years of being on the market...

     But the question remained. Had I ever met a champion?

     I had. But like a shooting star, they were far and few between.

     During those times, I would either disqualify myself or I found myself  too busy playing the "Mommy-Fix-It" role with broken boys who were enamored with me and afraid of me at the same time.

     However, I too had a lot of growing up to do over the years. And I'm so grateful to have walked out my 20s as a single girl on a crazy God adventure (Which is still continuing and definitely keeping me guessing!).

     But what about those champions that I had contact with? Well, I look back now, and I'm so incredibly grateful that I did not seriously date or marry any of them. Yes, they were champions in their own right, but they weren't my champion. And we most likely would have driven each other crazy. They didn't belong to me, and I somehow knew that in my heart at the time.

     Like Kenny Rogers says, "You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run...."

     But back to swag.

     Swag somehow makes me feels safe as a woman.

     And if you're in my circle of friends, you'll often hear us say words like, "He's a thug", "A don", "He's got that swag". Trust us, these are all good things.

     Now what do I consider authentic swag traits?
1. A man that loves Jesus
2. A man that prays
3. A man that loves his family
4. A man that can get his worship on
5. A man that is not afraid to be vulnerable
6. A man that looks people dead in their eyes and listens
7. A man who is kind, but could also punch someone in the face if need be
8. A man with proper shoe game
     Okay, so I may have added some swag "preferences" in there, but you get the gist.

     Swag-- She.Wants.A.Gentleman.

     Oh yes, I did. I just busted out an acronym. I know this is why you read this blog, to get cutting edge acronyms. Well, I didn't want to disappoint you.

     So what happened on September 1, 2013?

     Well, a friend of mine sent me a text message with a Youtube link and it simply said this:

     "...This man...I mean he could be your husband."

     I honestly didn't think too much about the text. But I valued the sentiment. And I highly value this particular friend. So, I checked out the link.

     And I don't know what I was expecting...

     But I was NOT expecting that.

     It's like when you first see a shooting star. At first your mind has a bit of a delay in determining what the heck it's looking at, and then the excitement stirs once you've processed the miracle.

     Well that's what happened to me.

     I was profoundly reminded of what a true Champion looks like.

     I mean, profoundly reminded.

     With said, I know you want some details, so I'll tell you:

     He's British. He Loves Jesus. He's Not Married. He's a Grown-UP.

     I mean, what more do you need?

     But in all actuality, he and I have never met, he may have a lady friend, and he lives in London and I highly doubt our paths will cross anytime soon. But it did my heart good to see a Champion in action.

     And not just any champion. A Swag Champion.

     He just reminds me of my future husband. That's all.

     Mostly, the DNA that he carries in his spirit, felt somehow like home to me.

     Now, don't worry, I'm trying to stay as level headed as possible through this mild-to-moderate crush. Which means, I'm only stalking investigating him on social media and the internets once, or twice, or five times a day. But other than that, there's really nothing else to be done. I'm not about flinging myself desperately across the interwebs whilst still on a singleness vow. I'll save that for 2014.

     But I will be in London next month (a trip I planned over 8 months ago)...Coincidence? Probably. Or not...

     However, regardless of what happens or doesn't happen next month, I'm hear to tell you, I've now been reminded of what I've been truly waiting for...my Swag Champion.

     And furthermore, as you all know, my singleness vow ends December 31st, 2013...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Keep calm and trust God.