Modest Is Hottest


     "Modest is Hottest" - I know some of you have heard this phrase before. But I'm quite sure many, many of you haven't. And I know this, because of how I'm seeing some of my ladies representin' themselves out there. You know who you are.

     Now please believe I love feeling beautiful and dare I say, sexy at times. #yesidid Don't get scared. It's merely in preparation for my husband boo.

     And as you might recall, I just did a blog post on chivalry earlier in the week, and I put you men under the spotlight. But now, I get to spotlight the women for a moment.

     I have the privilege of having a front row seat to the changes of fashion as they begin to impact culture. Whether it be amidst the young teenage girls in my youth group, or the high profile celebs at the award shows that I work.

     I've seen the gamut of what is considered sexy and desirable, and oddly enough, ladies, it always comes back to the art of illusion - to the mystery of what lies underneath.

     What I mean is, you might think a man wants to see all your goods and bits upon first glance in order to fully entice him, but the magic doesn't reside in what he sees, but rather in what he doesn't see.

     I now know more than ever that one can buy fashion, but not necessarily style and class.

     Now before you think I'm bringing the gavel down like Judge Judy, hear me out.

     I often think that women lack a certain finesse of style because no one has simply taken the time to tell them, "Yo, baby girl, you're sending out mixed messages..."

     So here I am. To tell you that first impressions do make a difference, everyday. And the way you carry yourself as a lady makes a huge impression. And we often carry an extension of our personalities and personal stories through the way we dress.

     I grew up taking dance classes around the age of 4 and since then, I've been very aware of my body in space and time. With that said, I'm aware of my wonderful...assets as well. And as much as I enjoy having those assets, ...with Great power comes great responsibility. #selah

     This doesn't mean that I'm in turtlenecks all year long, this just means, I pay attention to how I really look in the mirror, from head to toe,  before I leave the house.

     Some days I feel feisty, some days I feel extra femmy, other days I feel like a mixed martial arts thug who likes to visit museums, and I dress accordingly, but with class, always with class.

     I'm fixin' to attract a king. Therefore, I don't have time to be mistaken for a Lady of the Night...or anything less than a queen.

     And I truly believe the same about you. Be beautiful, be bold, be stylish, but above all stay classy.

Wisdom's Knocking: 

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, 
and she laughs without fear of the future."

-Proverbs 31:25