Promised Land Blues Pt. 1

We often think that when we finally get what we've been waiting for, for SO long, that all the pieces will finally fit in our lives and everything magically falls into place.

I just got a message from a reader that expressed her difficulty finding joy in the place of promise.

Can you imagine that?

You are in your Promised Land and you are trying to figure out how the heck to actually be happy.

You've waited for years to get asked out on a date by someone you actually find attractive and sexy.

You've waited for years to finally get married.

You've waited for years to finally have your dream job.

You've waited for years to have kids.

And now you have it all.

And yet.

You struggle to find the joy you for sure thought you were going to have in this season.

But this sentiment doesn't actually surprise me.

Because the struggle points to a need for a constant reliance on something Bigger. Something Bigger than the promise, something Bigger than our own egos and our own ideas of perfection and success...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Often there are still giants to be defeated in your promised land, 
but the culmination of your training in the wilderness can help you to slay these giants.