The End-Beginning

     And here we are! 30 posts from me in 30 days!

     To give you some perspective, I did 50 posts in total all of 2013.

     So I've done more in 30 days this year, than I did half the year of 2013!!

    Thank you to my blog subscribers for letting me bombard your inboxes for this month. I promise it won't be so crazy from here on out ;)

     And thank you to Lindsay and Stephanie who were my champions this month. When I started to lose steam with writing over the weekends or during my long work weeks, I would get random text messages and encouragement from these ladies.

     I honestly feel like a better human being when I make time to write. Key word here, make.

     I had to purposely make time, over and over again. It was difficult, but not impossible.

     I learned to truly prioritize the gifts and talents that God has given me and that I also happen to enjoy. #perks

     I encourage you, to step out and pursue your hobbies, your talents, your gifts. Not in a half a** casual way, but like you mean it. There truly is purpose in it.

     Oh--and do not, I repeat, DO NOT go at it alone!

     If I've learned anything from this writing challenge, it's that success never comes in a solo package, but rather in a team dynamic.

     I'm truly honored and blessed that you would take time out of your busy day to read my words. I hope they resonate with you, and that my words give you a peek into my heart and perhaps yours as well.

     I'll continue to share my insights as a single woman who loves God, living in Los Angeles, and who dares to live a life of adventure. I invite you to join me on this crazy ride. I can guarantee neither of us knows how this thing is going to end.

     And in closing, as a result of me completing this writing challenge, I've finally decided to write a book *falls backwards and faints*. The subject matter will relate to the main themes in this blog, but in a much more concentrated way. I'll update you come the summer.

     Until then...

Wisdom's Knocking:

โ€œIf you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; 
that is where they should be. 
Now put the foundations under them.โ€ 

 โ€• Henry David Thoreau, Walden