The Lioness

This is a love letter to my mother, Lucille:

How do you let go and hold tight at the same time,

There's love in the palm of your hand.

Early memories, come up from behind like a shawl and cover my shoulders causing me to stand tall.

Like you.

Standing tall.

Kindness never looked so fierce,

And I never felt stronger crying in your midst.

I'm your treasure, you say to me, but you're, you're--

You're my mother.

And that makes me believe.

In good things. In great things.

It makes me believe I can fly and other impossible things more than 7 times a day.

I am so proud to be your daughter.

And we learn from each other,

Patience, trust, careful inspection of dreams.

And you just won't stop believing.

One can get weary without a mother.

And you've always made sure to give me rest.

You always make it light and easy. You just do.

I appreciate you now, and I'll appreciate you then.

When my babies ask how I know how to hold them the way that I do, I'll tell them the truth.

God gave me a mother, named Lucille,

To look after me, so I would know how to look after you.

And that has made all the difference.

Many differences, changes, roads, and turns.

Yes, love has been a journey for me, and it began in many ways with you.

Strong and tender with resolve unmatched. Peace abounding and love overflowing.

Great grandma was right...

Your's is a life that will be forever on this earth and heavenly realms resounding.

Happy Birthday, My Lioness! 
I love you, Mom.