When You're Home


      I've been learning afresh in these last few months how to simply be a daughter.

     It's so easy to get caught up in the personalities of our days and the people that surround us. Our agendas, our schedules. It's in this swirl that we gradually begin to blend into something undefined and opaque, rather than allow ourselves to be truly present.

     We are bombarded with versions of our own identity through magazines, films, and TV shows. And it doesn't take long before we start believing those images, and those powerful, powerful words.

      You become what you behold...

     And so when I, in December was struggling intensely with anxiety, it thrust me into a place of weakness. Weakness that would then set me up for a type of strength that I had not been living in before.

     I had heard many many times, in the past, "In our weakness, God's strength is made perfect." But now, I was beginning to actually live it. I was beginning to experience this incredible exchange first hand.

     The ways in which I thought I was autonomous---well...it was just an illusion.

      And in the midst of my fading strength, I was struggling to let go of this illusion. Because if I couldn't control this illusion of trying to hold it all together, how could I control anything else? How in fact, could I and would I live?

      And this is where things began to shift dramatically in mid-January.

     When I let go of my faulty and limited strength, God's strength swooped in.

      And I don't just mean, like a dove gently perching on my shoulder.

     I mean, more like a life transfusion being infused into every atom and molecule in my body, and especially my mind.

     I was no longer living off of my own limited life source, but instead, the life of God.

     And when His strength came, I was face to face with something equally scary and glorious. The potential possibilities of who I could become and the things that I could really do.

     He brought me home, into Himself. And when you're home with Him. There's no fear there. It's--it's the place you've always meant to come to.

      You know when you're at home at your family's house. You can take your shoes off, lay all pretenses aside. You burp, you fart. No one is shocked that you sleep until 2PM. And you get to be yourself. You simply get to rest.

      Believe it or not, it's from that place that we are meant to catapult into destiny, from a place of rest, your soul being at rest, in an atmosphere of love.

     Because Identity is strongly rooted in the places we call Home.

     And so now, God, after walking with me through the Valley of Despair, holding my hand ever so firmly, began to show me who I really was and am. My identity through His eyes. And He, with those beautiful eyes invited me to rest in this identity. To see it, To know it. To accept it. And finally now, to live it.

     It's so interesting what you learn, when you go Home.

     And I--

     I'm learning, how to simply be a daughter.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Let God's heart be your Home.

Clip features: "Home" - JohnnySwim
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gquPSRCwk68