I Liked Him

And you see this person who is beautiful. They take your breath away. There is daylight boasting in each one of their eyes. And for a moment you can envision something beyond the droll of your daily Winter routine. You were suffocating any way, just waiting for Spring to come along, someone to change it all.

You study them from afar, and you gather more intel proving that this person is celestial at worst, and yours at best.

You've never witnessed something so alluring, so prepossessing.

And then there's a mystical moment of recognition.

They smile at you.

You just can't believe your luck.

And now, all you want to be is theirs.

You've waited and you've searched.

Because something about them doesn't feel like an apartment. Something about them feels like home.

The consuming begins. Of which you hope leads to a full consummation on every level.

Thoughts and planning race through your mind.

And now you start hoping. Now you start praying.

It's taken a while for you to trust that the universe doesn't hate you, that God hasn't forgotten about you, because standing in front of you now is a miracle.

Months ago, you never even knew this person existed on the planet.

And with a mixture of disdain and bewilderment, you wonder how you've been living your whole life without such knowledge of the holy this entire time?

Because now you can believe in God again, after seeing such an engaging creature exist.

They are beautiful indeed.

And then comes the howling blow and battle of time.

The push and pull, the tension of waiting.

And trying to connect with this mysterious person is elusive, like trying to build a castle out of dry sand.

And then you begin to see the world of this person orbiting around a new planet.

And it becomes painfully clear they will never be yours to keep.

And you release them back to the daylight from which they came.

Grateful that you witnessed a miracle, just a bit sore that it couldn't be yours.

Wisdom's Knocking:

The question won't be if they are amazing. 
They probably will be. 
But will they be amazing for (and with) you--
That is the deciding factor.