No Time For Metaphors

     In honor of National Poetry month, I thought it'd be fun this week to dig up some uber dramatic poetry that I did in my twenties, inspired by my journey of waiting for my future Boo. Next up, "No Time For Metaphors"!

Note: I'll be doing a video read of this poem very sooooon!

No Time for Metaphors

I'm out of luck for metaphors and similes now
I just wish you would come and talk to me, 
Not just stare, not just glare, not just hope,

Not just dare to swirl around new ideas across a table as we partake in 
A new type of communion, a union, a fusion

Something just falling, falling, falling from
The kitchen, sounds like a falling star
But I don't know how to gage the urgency of what you see
When you see me do you want us to be
You and me beyond the veil above expectation,

But a candle just blew out and I'm in the dark waiting
For your hand to touch mine across the table of time and 
I hold my breath, and 
I hold my breath---

And time goes by
I still don't know how to play this game of chess,
Or is it checkers,
Maybe black jack or poker
It's all a risk to me 

And the main course is being prepared 
The Chef has taken delicate care to make sure that
Love is served to me.