Watching Arranged Marriages

"Married at First Sight" 

     The social experiment.

     Have you seen this reality show yet?

     I mean. I thought it was going to be the dumbest thing ever. Another bit of reality tv show foolishness.

     A marathon of the show is currently on.

     And here I am, in tears.

     I don't think I've cried more watching a reality show EVER. I'm serious.

     Here's the premise:

"The cart comes way before the horse in the reality series "Married at First Sight." Based on a hit Danish format, "Married ..." features six people who agree to participate in an extreme experiment: Each covenants legal marriage with a complete stranger. Four specialists -- a sexologist, a spiritualist, a psychologist and a sociologist -- use scientific matchmaking methods to determine each couple, who will not have met or had contact with each other until the wedding day. The series then documents the relationships, including honeymoons and other relatable events of married life. After several weeks, each couple must decide whether to remain together or go their individual ways."

     It's been so fascinating to see the different "experts" match these folks together. It's quite a detailed and somewhat scientific method. Plus, the journey for these individuals stepping out to marry a stranger, appears to be more heartfelt than I've seen on a variety a dating/"The Bachelor"type shows. 

(And of course, me being a reality dating show expert (HA), since being on one myself.... and working professionally in LaLaLand- I feel as though I can tell when something feels genuine versus not.)

     So with that said, I'm fascinated with the themes of this show and especially its weighty position it holds regarding marriage. Marriage is not seen as something flippant on the show, not for the strangers nor the experts, which is incredibly refreshing.

    So yeah, arranged marriages....all I can say wheels are turning...My. Wheels. Are turning..................................................

Wisdom's Knocking:

“It's never the differences between people that surprise us.
It's the things that, against all odds, we have in common.”

 ― Jodi Picoult, House Rules