This Is Your Captain Speaking

     When things are calm, do you find yourself looking around for the explosion to happen at any second. That's a bit how I feel. 2011 has got me all on edge.

    But as turbulent as 2011 has begun, it's nice to finally feel like we are approaching a higher altitude with fewer speed bumps. Yes, we're still in the air, and this plane could drop at any moment. But I gave up my pilot duties long ago, and I feel more confident in the One that I have allowed to take that place. Thank, God.

    I feel for those people that hate to fly on airplanes. An hour long flight can do some serious damage to their nerves. Nevertheless, they have to go through (whether they try to sleep through it or down a few bottles of Jack) the process of overcoming their fear to get to their destination.

     That's how 2011 feels to me.

     So, I'll keep my seat belt fastened for now, I'll make myself comfortable... and simply just try and enjoy the view.

Wisdom's Knocking:

The purpose of flying is not merely for the landing.