Love Comes To You.

I'm a few days away from my life completely changing. I leave for Zambia, Africa and have no full idea of what to expect.

But of course, as I prepare to leave, the Lord has had me prepare on a variety of different levels, emotionally and spiritually.

With great power comes great responsibility. Meaning--the ability to make choices that give way to power (and love) being used effectively in any given situation. As a Believer, we have that ability always. "A sound mind"...and the Word, cutting through fact and fiction always exposing the truth.

I've been thinking a lot about Abram and his transition into becoming Abraham and then ultimately his ready heart of sacrifice because he trusted. He trusted when it hurt and didn't make complete sense. That's where I'm at this morning.

I know what He has spoken to my heart. "I am in the season of promise." It holds true weight with me. But again circumstances provoke an opposite and painful reality. And then I remember. His love never fails.

What an incredible statement--to have the phrase "never fails". To really see and understand that begins to melt away fear. I love being honest and vulnerable with God. He's not afraid of me in any sort of way. It's so refreshing.

Something New is really happening here. I am choosing to be awake. I am choosing to feel. I am choosing to believe that He is real. I am choosing to believe that He is working all things together for my good. I am choosing to believe that He knows the true desires of my heart. I am choosing to walk with Him in patience. I am choosing to lay my heart and the one I fell in love with on the altar.

I am choosing.