To Have Seen

To see and experience His love is the invitation granted to all of us. And dang, what an invitation it truly is. I have come back from Zambia feeling loved. And not simply in that abstract sort of way, but in very specific and intentional ways. Of course, His love changes everything. Thank goodness.

Sidenotes and thoughts:

Yes, love is about choosing. In fact, we were chosen first. There's serious intention in that. It was no haphazard sort of thing. I think that's what's so important about maturity in love. Our choices render us authority and power in the realms of love. I think that's what is so profound about "putting away childish" things...that season of life when decisions are made for you...transitioning into "becoming a man/woman", the ability to make choices on your own...but not only that, the ability and authority to receive and distribute love in profound ways.

Let us be intentional in what we do--intentional about love and the adventure that it brings.