I Git It From My Mama...

I just gave someone relationship advice a few days ago. And as I think of that moment, I sort of chuckle to myself. I'm not even IN a relationship right now, but somehow I feel qualified to speak romance wisdom. In fact, I've only really been in one relationship my entire life. And yet, I believe in the words that I told this young lady. I believe those words whole heartedly. And then I thought to myself...Why?

One reason being, I've already seen some of the fruit of my past romance wisdom and predictions. And yes, I've had a decent track record. But even more than that, I have watched someone very close to me walk out those weighty "theories" and glisten with patience, joy, laughter, and friendship in the midst of real relationship. So much so, that I'll, with strong conviction, risk telling someone love advice.

Sometimes we feel as if our wisdom and knowledge in regards to romance and love is being wasted because it's not being exercised on us or is not being fully experienced in our own lives as of yet. But that's simply not true. It is not wasted at all.

With the giving away of true wisdom tempered with true humility, much like love, you will reap the rewards of it....in due time and unexpected ways.