A Proclamation

I love living. I love feeling. Even when I'm irritated beyond belief, I'm thankful that I'm not yet numb. Anger arises in me when my peace is threatened, when my identity is questioned, when tenderness has loosened its grip on me. But yet, I choose to squint towards the sunlight of joy ahead.

Please do not manipulate me to feel. It only causes an arrested development in both of us. No. Instead. Grow. I too shall do the same. I will press hard and fall limp against these walls of pearl and steel. I will seek the face of the one they call Lovely. I refuse to breathe mud, I refuse to lay in the pond of reflective bitterness. But instead, I will breathe. I will live. I will love. My face still turned upward.

There are much higher places to see than this. Maybe we shall both reach them at the same time...