True Touch

     Photo Credit: David Whitlow

     I think my physical affection tank is definitely on low. But please, no pervert e-mails describing how you would be able to remedy this situation. But instead of simply honing in on the lack of physical affection in my life, I'd rather highlight the ways in which my emotional affection tank has been filled as of late.

     And for those that don't know what an emotional affection tank is, just picture the feeling you have after having the best coffee/tea/hot chocolate with your best friend at your favorite spot (for at least 2-3  hours) and the sense of well-being you feel after wards. That would be considered an emotional affection tank fill-up.

     Well, in the last few weeks there have been a couple of individuals that have breathed life into me, regarding encouragement and their prowess towards showing me kindness in the most intentional of ways. At times, it may be a simple text, at other times it may be a small gift, given to me for the simple reason of, me being me.

     Oh, how love reaches and changes us, through the touch of simple kindness.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Kindness goes along way.