All Growns Up


     I'm starting to feel like a grown up this week. For a variety of reasons. And no, I am not abandoning my childlike awe, but instead I embrace my grown folk strength, security, and ease in a refreshed way.

     It's as if something has switched this week. I like it.

     I find myself looking more intently into people's eyes as I talk with them. Normally, I am drawn to look at your mouth, in order to better understand the words you speak. But I'm finding out that although your mouth is moving, your eyes are really telling me the story.

     I'm being affected by this phenomenon not merely in my extracurricular activities, but even now, while I'm at work, working alongside some very clever and lovely New Yorkers.

     It's almost hypnotic. Being present. Very aware of the moment that you are in--within time and space. I could loose myself in the gazing into the stories told by these human's eyes, and yet,  just as profoundly still maintan my own feelings, presence, purpose, and peace.

Wisdom's Knocking:

It's been said, that the eyes are the windows to the soul.