The Wild Things Are


     It's pained me a little bit to not have blogged earlier this week. My mind is still reeling from the many different scenarios and topics that I now have concluding my work week in Las Vegas.

     I feel inspired and at the same time grasping. By no means, do I feel as if I've arrived, but I truly do feel accomplished.

     This month of March has already begun with lightening bolts of surprises and brushes of mediocrity. I'll spare you my cryptic metaphors and get into specifics within the next few days.

     It's weird and yet oddly fulfilling to know that you have turned over a new leaf, only to find a new garden to plant, and new ways to grow and understand the world around you.

     There is a new garden, yes. But there may be weeds in the garden. How do we face these wild things bombarding our senses and atmospheres? Grace. Fierce Grace. Trusting and believing that Goodness and Mercy will follow you all the days of your life. Regardless of where the wild things are.

Wisdom's Knocking:

The calm is not just before a storm, but after.