Her Fleece

     Photo Credit: Patrice

     I don't know how it happened. But as if overnight, I have inherited this brand new love for lambs. Ahh! Just the thought of a baby lamb is bringing a tear to my eye.

     Randomly the other night,  I was watching a Scandanavian cooking show on PBS (I miss you, Denmark!), and next thing I knew, I saw Claus holding a baby lamb. Never mind the fact that he was talking about the best way to cook a lamb. But as Claus was holding that baby lamb, it was the most precious thing ever. I honestly think I started crying.

     So then, the very next day, I find myself doing one of my favorite things, just driving in the wilderness with no particular place to go. And of course, as I turn the corner of a deserted road, I find myself surrounded by sheep and baby lambs. Of course. I love my life.

Wisdom's Knocking:

"The Lord is my Shepherd....He leads me beside still waters..."