Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

      You know when someone new comes into your life, and you just click miraculously. You click amidst that person having no true context for who you really are.  They are not blinded or affected by your profession or varied accolades. Like magnets, the essence of both of you, are simply drawn together--effortlessly.
 Photo Credit: David Whitlow

     It's like a beautiful divine gift. It's a connection based on integrity, and hopeful prospects in its truest form. It's not based on how the two of you might gain a power play in life or use the other for social climbing, but instead it's a beautiful and authentic expression of the depths of friendship.

     Although I have recently experienced a divine connection with someone that has caused my heart to overflow with joy. That's not the current situation I'm thinking of and dissecting.

     I recently met and connected with a new friend within the last few months. And after they realized what I did for a living, there was increased pursuit on their part. Needless to say, I'm a bit suspicious of their motives. Am I being blatantly used?

Wisdom's Knocking:

True friendship is nothing short of a miracle.