Photo Credit: Dan Molitor

     I love my teen shows. I'm pretty much obsessed. Seriously. Here's a memorable scene from one of my new favorite teen shows:

     I like to call this scene: "It's Gettin' Hot in Herrr--Almost"


INT. Living Room

Guy and girl sit cozy on a couch. All of the previous dinner guests have just left. It's now just the two of them.

Guy: What does it take to be one of your closest friends...?

Girl: What does it take to be one of your closest friends...?

(The two of them kiss.)

Guy: I don't do boyfriend, you understand that. Right?


Girl: Sure

Guy: I have an unusually large emotional range which requires a lot of women, but should you choose to be one of those women, I promise you it'll be worth it. Well worth it. I'll always be honest with you. And right now, you are definitely, definitely top 3.

(The two almost kiss again...)

Girl: You don't do boyfriend. I don't do groupie.

End Scene.


     Please tell me, you know what my favorite line of this scene is! I almost died laughing. Oh, and if you can guess which show this is, I'll give you a dollar. Hint: Meryl Streep's daughter plays the lead...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Establish a head of time what your boundaries are. Not merely in the moment of passion.