Back to the Future Love

     Yes, so as you know, I've been taking votes on Facebook, as to whether or not I should approach online dating seriously.  And if I do decide to take this step of online dating, it would be through the website, My faith in God, in Jesus, is a not merely a part of my life, it is my life and causes me to feel alive, passionate, patient, kind, joyful, beautiful and loved.

     In order to even consider someone that I'd want to share my life with, the reality of Jesus in their lives has to be undeniable. I am not in the business of changing or fixing men in order for them to love me rightly.

     I know that God has a man for me that is whole, secure, loving, and kind. A man that is ready. Repeat, a man that is ready.

    I'm not interested in stealing any one's husband or boyfriend. As my friend and I say, "I only want what God has set apart for me. I only want what is mine."

Wisdom's Knocking:

Perspective and Patience. The 2 things to remember when waiting for a great gift.