Novelty Human Being

     It's always amazing connecting with new people. It's also a bit exhilarating when you share a special connection with someone new. But then, what happens when that newness wears off? Yes, we hope there was substance to back up such exhilaration first impressions. But perhaps it was simply the excitement of the moment. New place, new time, new face.

     We do this to people quite frequently. We sift them like gold miners with a pan. We wonder if they will prove to be real gold or simply fool's gold in our lives.

     But being on the other end of such sifting, feels a bit cheapening. It made me think of the phrase, "Flash in the pan.". Yeah, you shined, but your shimmer didn't last for very long. And the novelty of your person hood interests me not, at least not consistently.

     Seasons are such a fragile and fierce force in our friendships and relationships. And when I speak of seasons, I'm referring to our seasons of life. There are times when we are in a season of transition, a season of romance, a season of maturing, a season of promotion, etc.

     But knowing the position and place of certain new people in our lives may take a bit of time to discern. I just pray as I sift, and am being sifted by others that grace would abound much.

     Feeling like a novelty, and useless after a certain period of time is awful and painful.

     I love the many different definitions of the Hebrew word, "Chesed", one of which is Covenant Love. A love full of loyalty. It is the type of love God has for His people. A love that never stops and never quits.

     And that is where I rest. On God's reality of loyal love. I may be treated like a novelty in the future, but there is One who's already vowed to love me beyond being a flash in the pan.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Loyalty in love is one of the most transforming things on earth.