Fast Times


     Today, I woke up exactly where I left off last night. I was trying to process this new information that I had recently received. Getting this new information makes me doubt my discernment a little bit. A lot of things are unanswered. I let someone in, and perhaps they are not at all who they showed themselves to be.

     Yes, this happens all the time. But there are those special circumstances, that really affect your heart deeply. Because, you almost dared to dream. You almost believed the promise had arrived. You were just about to swan dive off that cliff...But then after jumping, you realize...You have no parachute, and there's actually no water down there.

     Divine Intervention Come.

     My mind is racing, and I just want things to slow down. Like slo-mo. I need to gather my thoughts, but they are running all over the track. They are no longer headed towards a visible finish line, but instead, they are frantic and possibly running in the opposite direction.

     It's easy to have  fast running start, but to sustain such a speed may prove dangerous. I'm praying for things to slow down--just so that I could understand. So that it can all be understood.

     Divine Intervention Come.

Wisdom's Knocking:

May my cry come before you, O LORD; give me understanding according to your word. -- Psalm 119:169