I Heard That You're a Pervert

Photo Credit: Yajaira

     What do you do with the news you hear about folks and the dirt they do behind the scenes. Oh, and of course, I'm not suppose to know any of it. This should be interestinggg, especially because I've turned into a pretty bad liar over the years. I mean, do I say something? Do I act passive aggressive. Duh, of course not. But you get my thought process at this point. I'm just like, "Yo, somebody break the ice already!"

     I'm just not sure how to fully handle all of this info at this point. But what I do know is, the truth will eventually come to light. It always does.

     And when the truth comes out, in all its unrefined glory, hopefully I'm mature and loving enough to embrace compassion rather than give it the stink eye.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Everything done in the dark will eventually be exposed by the light.