Know What You Right

     I had this fun play on words last week, in a post titled, "Right What You Know". And no, I didn't misspell the word "Right". I was going for something evocative. Not quite sure if it actually worked. Ha.

     But I wanted to briefly revisit this fun topic of "Our Choices" and what we choose to believe. Or more specifically, what we choose to say "No" or "Yes" to.

     This blog thought, once again stems out of my own current life predicaments. To give you a bit more context, and to get you a bit more invested in what I have to say, I'll share a bit of this "context":

     I was in the midst of having a crush on a particular individual. He had no intentions towards me other than friendship, at least from what I could gather. But while I'm crushing hard on Guy #1, another guy, yes, Guy #2, swiftly rolls up on the scene and begins to pursue me a bit. But I had no romantic interest towards Guy #2 at all, my eyes were steady on Guy #1.

     Guy #1 was still my "Yes". Guy #2 was clearly my "No". I spent a bit of time in prayer asking God about Guy #1 and our possible future together, but never felt complete peace about it.

     And in prayer, my heart began to soften towards Guy #2, in a real way. I SO resisted at first. For real. But before I knew it, in prayer, bearing my heart before the Lord, Guy #2 became my "Yes."

     God, you're so wonderfully sneaky.

     How much of our beliefs are grounded within the context of our own limited experience and/or what we've previously lived through. Even more so, how much of our "Yes's" and our "No's" spring up out of us because of fear.

     I'm not advocating that we become a people where are words mean nothing. I want my "Yes to be Yes" and my "No to be No". But I am advocating growth and maturity, grounded in humility.

     I want to be rooted and grounded in true love and faith.

     God: I know that Your ways are Higher than our ways. Continue to align me with what You see as Right and True and Yes.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you Shall find. Knock, and the door Will be Opened to you." - Jesus