Tender Mercies

Photo Credit: Nicole LeBoeuf

     I am experiencing a personal revival of sorts. It feels lovely. And the more I make myself vulnerable in the context of this personal revival, I feel full of life and peace.

    Do you have those days, when you can feel people praying for you? To some of you, that may sound like absolute Sci-Fi craziness, but it's not a foreign concept to everyone.

     I get into these seasons of life, where I become very aware that I am not able to carry the burden of expectations, dreams, desires, etc. all on my own. And it's as if a gust of wind blows the heaviness of my own thoughts away. It's grace in true operation.

     I can feel the prayers of loved ones over my life. Especially today.

     It's also amzing to me, that we will most likely never meet all the people that have taken the time to lift burdens off of us through the power of prayer. I have no doubt that someone is praying for you today, with a love and passion straight from heaven.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Prayer changes things.