Look Who's Talking...

     Photo Credit: Yajaira

     Have you recently been in one of those conversation, where a person just keeps talking and talking and talking. It's as if they love hearing the sound of their own voice. And on top of that, you don't get a meaningful word in edge wise beyond the occasionally, "Mmmhmm" and "Yeah."

     The art of conversation is not merely in the talking but in our ability to listen and to respond from that place.

     I have to watch myself at times. I have to make sure that I'm not just trying to pummel through a whole array of information, just because it's on my mind. Instead, I want to be sensitive to the person and subjects that we are addressing.

     And in the best case scenarios, when you and a friend are simply sharing your hearts and talking about nonsense, don't forget to listen. Not just "hear" and move on to your next point.

     Yes, our words carry weight and are far more meaningful than we often realize.

Wisdom's Knocking:

"Say Less. And mean every word that you say." -Joyce Meyer