What. Are You Trying to Be Sexy?

Photo Credit: Lindsay Coleman

     It just seems that when you are trying to put forth the energy of being sexy and desirable, it comes off as strained and uncomfortable. I bring this point up, because, once again, I was looking through an array of Facebook photos, of friends and myself.

     The premise of Facebook allows the usually subdued narcissistic behavior of our species to be fully out in the open. And with that said, I get to see your interpretation of what you deem as sexy and desirable, by merely looking at your profile pics.

     Unlike the pictures that friends and co-workers randomly tag us in, our profile pictures are those photos carefully and methodically picked out by us.

     I know you're like me, and you spend at least 10 minutes thinking about which photo is profile pic worthy. And not only do you think about which one makes it to the ever-so-glorious profile pic position, but we also think of the reasons why it made the cut.

Some Possible Reasons Our Profile Picture Made the Cut: 

1. The picture may be indicative of our personality, or how we would like our personality to be perceived.

2. The picture may parallel our current mood in life, or...

3. The picture may show us off to people in our best possible lighting, making us look cool and sexy at the same time.

     With that said, your beauty is not confined to a state of "Sexiness". Your light far shines beyond such a notion. But instead, when you are truly free and comfortable in your own skin, you'll find yourself bringing sexy back in its purist form, without even trying.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Your best lighting for a picture won't always come from an external lighting kit, but instead from the brightness that you bring.