Photo Credit: Ashley Johnson

     No not the show, although it's definitely growing on me. I was just thinking about the importance of community this week.

     Like how important it is to find your tribe, your entourage.

     But as it is with most close knit communities, it takes time. It takes a great deal of time to gain history with the people around you.

     My generation and city thrive on being transient, traveling from one place to another, fulfilling our vagabond desires and passions of curiosity.

     But in all our adventures, we can miss the simplicity of authentic community. We go out of our way to create language and Facebook connections to make it appear as though we have a close knit tribe of some sort. But in actuality we are still lonely. We are desiring to share our lives on a deeper level, with someone with much closer proximity.

     And then I think of how I grew up. I lived in the same city during my childhood and teen years. I went to the same school from kindergarten to my senior year in high school with a majority of the same kids. We have history. And a unique sense of community that grounds us.

     As much as you and I try to create community wherever we go, there are just some things that will never change. You can't microwave a process that's meant to be in an oven. You'll come up with something soggy, half-cooked, and ultimately unsatisfying.

     In order to gain the riches of true community, a true entourage, you have to be willing to put in the time, to gain real history, to know the same stories, to get frustrated but choose to stay anyway because you know it's worth it.

     But as long as we keep running, without roots...we'll just keep running....without roots.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Life is better shared.