Handmade Jewelry By: Candace Westbrook

I seriously just bought something because of it's label. It was pure advertising and marketing at it's best. I held this item in my hand, and asked myself if I really needed this thing? We already know the answer to this. No, I didn't need it.

     But then again, the label made me smile.

     So I held this item in my hand for a few more seconds. And thought, "Ah, what the heck." And I succumbed to my humor organ, yes, my heart.

     What was the label on this item? I know your dying to know.

     It simply said, "Black & Beautiful".

     And I simply said, "Yes."

     And no, this product wasn't a "Relaxer" (That's a "Straight Perm" for all you non-Black folk out there), which made it even better. It was a product that could be used by almost anyone. Chances are, you may have used this type of product before, but perhaps not this brand with it's fancy label.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Take the time to appreciate your own natural beauty.