I Like to Whisper

     Photo Credit: Ashley Johnson

     I realize more and more that I do love expressing myself in the written word. I miss my consistent position behind the camera and directing, but it served the same purpose as my writing:
The art of observing.

     Now before you think I've completely abandoned my film making adventures and desires, that's not the case at all. In fact, I think they've been gaining momentum and perspective all the while.

     You know those weird folks that claim that they are introvert/extroverts? Yeah, well that's me. I realize that I'm shy, yet outspoken.  I'm friendly and love being around people, but I also love my me-time and simply driving through the countryside.

     I'd rather stay behind the scenes, than in front of a crowd or camera. But I can feel comfortable in both settings.

     As much as I like to tell you all my business on this blog, I also love my privacy. And granted, I don't tell you everything.  But I do share quite a bit. And yes, it's based on my real current life circumstances. But you get to try to put the pieces together.

     Because sometimes I like to shout, and other times, I like to whisper.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Be sure to nurture the introvert and extrovert in you.