Weeping, Sun, Bloom

     Why does it take something bitter to happen for us to truly appreciate the sweet. I often wonder about the rainy seasons of our lives, and how fruit is produced because of it.

     I wish there was an easier way to be pulled out of the pain. But instead, we are enabled and strengthened to walk through it.

     As I prayed last night for friends, family members, and myself, I wept and wept and wept. So many things seemed unfair and unjust. So many equations to be figured out, with no immediate solutions.

     And as I sat in the midst of discouragement, I asked for God's perspective. I asked for His strength. I went to bed feeling cranky and unresolved.

     But when I woke up, something happened.

     The weight was lifted. And not by my own doing or will power, but by the kind intentions of His will.

      And I began a new day.

Wisdom's Knocking:

April showers bring May flowers.