Idris Elba

     Insert dazed and awe look here.

     I love my life. Many of you know that I work in the entertainment industry. But that's not the highlight of this particular post. The highlight comes with the phenomenon of that ever so present six degrees of separation.

     I've mentioned this a few times in my blog. The ability to be connected to almost anyone in the world through a chain friendships: Susie and John are indirectly connected, because Susie knows Jules who knows Bob, who knows Jimmy, who knows Sharonda, who knows Jacob and who's brother is John.

     There it is. Susie is somehow connected to this stranger John, although they might not have ever met.

     Well, I had a mega 2-day crush on this little frail looking actor named Idris Elba only to find out today, that a good friend of mine is actually friends with him and happened to communicate with him yesterday.

     Of course.

     And that my friends, is the phenomenon of six degrees of separation. You never know who knows who. Until of course, the right time. And many times the degrees of separation are far less than six. Life is funny like that.

     And now I bet your wondering what I'm going to do with my Idris crush...Well, I'll just let you wonder...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Trying to reach a dream? You're far more connected than you think.