Leave Dem Draws

Photo Credit: Ashley Johnson

     Yes. I went there.

     But only because Enrique did. He was the sweet, 5 foot, 60-something year old Filipino man, who happened to be my cashier today at a oddly-named discount clothing store.

     He started ringing up my clothes, one by one. There was a shirt, and then another shirt. We both laughed about the previous customers and how they were about to get on his case because he was taking so long; but for some reason, he was the store's only cashier. So people would have to wait. He joked about how they wanted to beat him up, because everything was taking so long. I was in no rush. I laughed along with him.

     And then, Enrique, said, with a thick accent "Yeah, you know the Victoria's--People spend too much money on that fancy stuff." And without even thinking, I said, "Yeah, I know--I can't afford to do all that." What. What is coming out of my mouth right now?

     And then Enrique says, "Nobody keeps that stuff on anyway. Men just want it off." I couldn't hold it in. I just started busting up laughing. "Only a few people want you to dance around in it, but then it's over."

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't major in the minors and minor in the majors.