Surprised & Cancelled

     Ugh. I just found out that one of the shows I actually loved to watch and DVR'd regularly was cancelled back in the fall of 2010.

    Mind you, I fall in love with the most random of shows, but this show seemed to be mainstream enough to last a few more seasons. But after four seasons, this show was snuffed out, leaving us fans without a true series finale. Wack.

     There are special ingredients that get me hooked on a particular television show. Writing is key and of course a vibrant ensemble cast. Mix in a little bit of cinemagic and great comedy and I'm yours.

     The show that did all of that for me, was a short lived sitcom, featuring Jordana Spiro, and an amazing group of comedians and actors, titled, "My Boys" on TBS. I somehow connected strongly with Jordana's character, "P.J. Franklin", for a variety of reason, of which I might explore further in future blog posts.

     But now, I'm relegated to Netflixing (Or buying) my now deceased sitcom to try and relive those funny and honest moments and story lines, as if they were brand new. So sad.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Enjoy it while it lasts.